We are NOT the Scabbical website

The writers of this blog are in NO WAY associated with scabbical.com. We do not endorse its existence and we cast scorn upon it. The website is disgusting and a disgrace to Barbados, our only wish is that the girls involved find justice because their lives will forever be changed after this ordeal.

Mr. Scabbical’s (from the original facebook page, the one with the jokes, not the porn) FINAL words on the scabbical issue – “What is a scabbical? A scab is not a girl who has sexual relations with a man, if that were the case all women worldwide would be scabs. It’s also not a girl who takes pictures of herself or with her significant other because come on, we’ve all done it or at least thought about it. The term scabbical was created as a word to replace “bashment” or “bash” and someone took it way too far”

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2 Responses to We are NOT the Scabbical website

  1. David says:

    Why not change your name them?

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