We are NOT the Scabbical website

The writers of this blog are in NO WAY associated with scabbical.com. We do not endorse its existence and we cast scorn upon it. The website is disgusting and a disgrace to Barbados, our only wish is that the girls involved find justice because their lives will forever be changed after this ordeal.

Mr. Scabbical’s (from the original facebook page, the one with the jokes, not the porn) FINAL words on the scabbical issue – “What is a scabbical? A scab is not a girl who has sexual relations with a man, if that were the case all women worldwide would be scabs. It’s also not a girl who takes pictures of herself or with her significant other because come on, we’ve all done it or at least thought about it. The term scabbical was created as a word to replace “bashment” or “bash” and someone took it way too far”

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29 Dec 2010

I really ain got time to do dis every day so but I know wunna waan see how I is roll so I gine mek time right before I get my nails change off ta do dis fuh wunna.

Church was church but I did look good. Das all dah really matter. Me an my mudda  did matching but she had on more bling dan me.  I keep up my xmas angel colour and had on a gold dress  dah did come ta my knee wid a split up ta my thigh.  My mudda ain had a split and she had on a jacket and she bubbies did at de door. De left one go on my fadda name so every man jack n da church now know who i belongs ta. Nobody did look hotta dan we doa. Especially not dem nigerians wid dem tie up head. Dem cuh try and fix dem rasshole head.

My mudda gi me a gift certificate to victoria secret and  my girls buy me hair and make up and ting- scabbical supplies. Some a de men I dealing wid gi me jewellery, it look expensive, I trying to decide if ta keep it or ta sell it ta got some money in de bank. We gine see.

De fete was oryt. My dress did wukkin doah. I see 1 a my ex men wid he girl and she look so bad.  I doan expect him to get nubody pun my level but man now went from Bugatti to Suzuki van. Not even nah lil Toyota Corolla. I just had on some high boots, I din feeling de leggings. Not de same ones doa, you’s a cunt? a next pair dat had on some black buckles gine up de side. So swaggerific. My dress  did base offa dis one http://mediatakeout.s3.amazonaws.com/photo/1292422219keyshia_nicki_samedress1.jpg but I had de seamstress cut it low in de front so de mesh would show tru my bra.

Men did on pun it as usual. I get a numba of a fella dah did look sweeeeeeeet. Brown skin, green eyes and pretty pretty pretty.  He had on all Gucci too so he like he goh potential ta pay some bills.

Me and my mudda spent boxing day shopping. Had we tired as france. And dem same unmannerly cunts as usual did in de mall gettin on like dem mek dem selves  my mudda mussy curse out  5 women dah play dem knocking inta she widout saying excuse. Me and she went in Victoria Secret and she get sain ta wear fuh she new man and I use de gift certificate to find a going out top fuh new years and wuheva udda fetes I gine got cain up.





wuheva um is I goh a lil black skirt dat I wearing wid it wid some heels and some xmas jewellry, one is a necklace das come down ta my bubbies  and I get a next pair of earrings so we gine see.

Dis rasshole snow got me cruel as cunt. I went an carry up my mudda to part my brudda live and ting and as I get back I see all this rasshole white shite pon de ground ready to fuck up my shoes. I called up a man ta keep me and my pokey warm. Das about all I did fuh de week.

Happy Christmas/Boxing Day/ Kwanzaa/ Ol Yrs/ New Yrs/ wuheva

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(Wednesday, Thursday &) Friday

Ye we both know bloggin ain as important as gearing up.

So right. I went an put in my girl hair and tek de bus to de fella house. He had a Guiness and cawblen it did WUKKIN. I ain even know when we went sleep caw it get dark bout hey at 5 and ya doan see de sun again til bout 8 and I fairly sure I ain see nuh sun when de durex ran out (stay safe people, abortions cost NUFF money and STDs does itch ya if dey doan kill ya).

Afta I leff he house I went and see  bout my clothes n ting. Leggings get mek, dress fit tight, church clothes look good. Ya see dah why ya should get ya clothes mek all de time. Nobody gine got on wuh u wearing and if ya seamstress like ya, ya doan goh wait 2 and 3 weeks fuh clothes. If she fooping ya brudda dah cuh help.

I jus spen de last few days in town centre and eaton centre. CAWBLEN. De mall so r-hole burs. It da if u tek eerybody in town an put dem in swan street. Ontop o dah is all fuckin unmannerly cunts dah does walk into yuh like you in dey. Dem waan a hard lash.

So I get some of my friends some MAC make-up caw we doan mek nuh sport when we step out. 2 I get some perfume. I buy 1 kim kardiashian, and 1 I get paris hilton. De fellas I ain goh get nuttin fuh caw dem gine be spending xmas wid dem wives or wuheva I ain cay iz dem money buyin de gifts anyway.  My mudda came up  fuh xmas!!! I done bought de ham and she gine mek she pie caw I done mine and xmas without pie is like sex without doggy style, it cuh work  but it ain cutting it. I getting she a gift card fuh Victoria secret caw she still young, she 35 and still sexy as tail. She might even move wid we ta de club.

I hope wunna and wunna muddas have a good xmas.


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Tuesday (and Monday)

Sorry bout dah.

Believe right, I did buying de rest of my cloth to get my dress mek on Monday. So I just walking round, looking fuh de right colour spandex for my leggings and I run into dis bitch  who man I fucking. She waan fly up in my face talking bout I is a whore and I cuh neva tek she man and a whole bundle a cunt. I look she STRAIGHT and  tell she she an she beat out pussy too FACKING late cus he moving on the tighter tings. She talk bout how one dem gotta child and dem is a family. Dem cuh be a family but my rent getting paid so I ain cay. I tell she kiss she cunt and she play she flying up at me. WHO TELL SHE DO DAT?

I burs she rasshole tail in one. No nails brek, and she lucky caw if but 1 pinky had brek she wudda get it more. One a de chinese men like dem call babylon. So I get hadda give statements and shite. De bitch touch me first doah and I see one a my girls in dey and she see it too so dah bitch gine goh deal wid dat. If she pussy din so beat out she wudda be good.

By de time I get home I did too tired to write caw I had to go an find anudda store to find materials for my leggings. I just ate some pie and some chicken and went sleep.

I gine be busy all today. I goh go and put in some hair for 2 girls dat live far. Afta I gine by a next man I dealin wid dat live out dat side and gine stop by he fuh de night caw he doggy SO BIG we got business to take care of.

Oh  and to wunna who vise scabs caan cook, suck out. My pie like my pokey. It taste GOOD.

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So I now I got some pie in the oven I got time to write. Yesterday I found some materials to make a dress for church on Christmas. I ain find the material I want for club. It gine be based off dis dress I see Nicki Minaj had on on some video on a interview with some white woman.

Today I went church. My church got naff africans. I ain goh a problem wid dem but why dem’s gotta smell so? I is really caan tek it on sometimes.

After church I went and get some hair sew in at a girl house. I gine be busy fuh de whole week so I wanted some spanish wavy put in so I cuh wear it curly or straight, Girl tell me she gine have de hair and I jus goh pay fuh it and she gine put it in one time. . You believe de girl only had one pack of hair? She a cunt? My head full size and I ain wanna look like I gine bald .Who gine only buy 1 pack of hair? She is only do weave for 7 yr olds?. Stupse. I so glad she tell me first. I went and find my own rasshole hair, 2 packs!! and she look at me and tell me she still gine charge me? I cuss she so rasshole stink, tell she bout she fadda grandmudda daughter son pop down pissy bad belly slut for a daughter when done. From now on I only getting my hair do by my cousin when I caan do it myself.

I gine an eat

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Last night did on, me and my girls done de place. Like I said, we was Christmas angels but it was more like de XXX angels.  Thigh high boots, botty riders and and a lace up top that does suck in ya waist. I had on all gold, yes, including the hair and each of my girls had on all green,  all white and all red. Nobody cuh tell we nuttin. NUTTIN.  As usual dem had some bougey bitches in de club looking  and talking bout we but done know it was pure jealousy. Sweetheart, doan feel that anybody thinks that 16inch straight hair is yours, we all know you bought that the same way I bought mine. You bubbies sticking out jus as much as mine too, mine jus look better.

As usual we din had to wait in line cus my boy is a promoter. No lines, outside too cold. Don’t mind them same bitches that feel dem is better dan we is de ones we see in the back of de line. Johnnies.

Some fellas bought some Guinness and was chattin we up while hip-hop was playing but once de dub start we went pun de floor. De fellas could dance, had us bend over and in de air and pun de ground, my friend bounce pun hers in a split. I din bout doin dat cus my boots new.

Once again dem bougey bitches dat play dem so posh and so great fail. Dem staring at we before dem try and dance. You wait in that line and pay all that money to watch me? Well I mussy something special to you.

We took some numbers when we was leffing. When I went home I called up one of my men to come over and we smoked some spliffs limed for a good lil while. I ended up bouncing pun it before I went sleep, boots and all. I wake up late and went shopping  for my Christmas outfits. I gotta find material for church clothes and material for club.

I gine check wunna tomar

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Gine on?

I was on facebook and I see dis group call scabbical or nuttin.  And I see nuff ppl had questions like: is it scabbical if I do this thing? is it scabbical if I do dis many bodies? do I have on  enough make up to be a scab? can a man be a scab? As a scab I can teach you all you need to know.

So after I joined this group I was asked by the man that start it to share my day to day life wid wunna so wunna can see how I live my life, how I get my money and wuh me n my peeps does do to bring honour to the word “scabbical”.

I waan big up a man like, mr. scabbical from the fb group for giving me this opportunity to share.

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